October 10th is Blue Light Awareness Day
Take steps to reduce high-energy blue light exposure

Blue Light Awareness Toolkit:

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Link to: bluelightawarenessday.org

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Are you concerned about too much screen time? Smartphones, computers, monitors, tablets, and yes, even TVs, give off blue light. Blue light can be beneficial in small doses, but when you use devices before bed, it can seriously mess with your sleep. There is also evidence that blue light affects your eyes and overall health. This Sunday is Blue Light Awareness Day, so it’s a great time to learn about the steps you can take to reduce your blue light exposure. Head over to https://bluelightawarenessday.org for tips and information. #BlueLightDay @EyesafeOfficial


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Are you concerned about too much screen time? Smartphones and computers give off blue light, which affects sleep quality & may contribute to dry, irritated eyes and headaches. Learn how to reduce your blue light exposure at https://bluelightawarenessday.org. #BlueLightDay @EyesafeOfficial

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